CPSC 436--Spring 2001
Term Project Presentation Schedule

Presentations will be 8 minutes in length.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

  1. Pablo Herrera and Daniel Reid
  2. Kevin Daniels
  3. Will Lim and Brian Ulczynski
  4. Tanner Hartley, Paul Minier, and John Walker
  5. Emily Luke
  6. Chris Peca and Kent Stout
  7. Ken Foster
  8. Tam Le and Sybil Calvillo
  9. Niyut Patel and Travis Flamm

Thursday, April 26, 2001

  1. Travis Ward and Alex Nichols
  2. Ricky Welch
  3. Chris W. Hoffmeister, Michael Dailey, and Lucas M. Bell
  4. Nick Bunch
  5. Eric Bradberry and Chris Guethle
  6. Jennifer Kuhnel and Amy West
  7. Charese Smiley and Lin Harp
  8. Anthony Beeman and Kevin Conway