Chapter 5 and 15 resources

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Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 23:29:04 CST

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    Sorry I'm so late with these, I've been busy with classes.

    Chapter 5:

    Interface Hall of Shame
    A guide to what NOT to do when designing an interface.
    Apple Human Interface Design Guide
    The guide Apple uses to create the wonderful user friendly interfaces that people love.

    An interesting little program(only the demo is free) that will make your desktop icons animated. Not really that great.. but interesting.

    Ergoworld HCI Links
    As it says, a bunch of fun links. Including design guides from Microsoft, Sun, Isys, and Apple.

    Chapter 15:

    Microsoft HTML Help API reference
    Learn how to create HTML based help files for your microsoft programs

    Man Page mini HOWTO
    Learn how to create a help file for linux

    This if you like the microsoft paperclip your gonna love Vigor.

    Alex Nichols

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