Note: Most references are available on TAMU Site Licenses or openly on the Web. Links to sources are given in parenthesis following the citation. References marked with a single star [e.g., (ACM DL*) are available on the Web, but only if you subscribe to the specified service (i.e., it is not on a TAMU site license). References marked with a double star [i.e., (**)], don't appear to be available on the Web--paper only. A copy of the single and double-starred items will be placed in a folder in 408 HRBB for you to copy if neccessary. Please return the original after you've duplicated it.

Readings 1

Readings 2 (DLI--Informedia/CMU)

Readings 3 (DLI--Michigan)

Readings 4 (DLI--Illinois)

Readings 5 (DLI--Alexandria/UCSB)

Readings 6 (DLI--Berkeley)

Readings 7 (DLI--Stanford)

Readings 8 (NZDL)

Readings 9 (NZDL and music libraries)

Readings 10 (NCSTRL and related collections)

Readings 11 (Documents and Libraries)

Readings 12 (BWG)

Readings 13

Readings 14 (Annotations)

Readings 15 (Mobile applicances and applications)

Readings 16 ("Ancient" applications)

Readings 17 ("Follow up" readings)

Readings 18 (Special needs)

Readings 19 (Visualizations)

Readings 20 (Loose ends)

Readings 21 (Loose ends)

Richard Furuta
November 21, 2000