Handout 3: 1/18/00

CPSC 610-600: Hypertext
Written paper assignment

Paper one: due March 2, 2000 --- Paper two: due April 4, 2000

You are to write two comprehensive papers on topics related to the class. Papers are to be turned in by the due date and should be linked to your class Web page. Each paper is to be at least seven pages single spaced in length (or equivalent in other spacing), and should be structured as a research paper, including references.

Paper one is to deal with a topic related to Hypertext technology. Appropriate topics here include issues such as description and analysis of currently existing hypertext systems, new capabilities for Web technologies, hypertext services on new classes of platforms, standards issues, etc. The focus in this paper is to be from a systems point of view--what is the problem, what technology is the solution, and what is the evaluation of the solution.

Paper two is to deal with a topic related to the use of hypertext. Many examples exist in the domains of literature and education, to name but two. The focus in this paper should be on what is trying to be achieved, rather than on the mechanical details of how it is done. You also may be interested in examining topics such as genre of use, multimedia applications, etc., for this paper.