Handout 5: 8/31/04

CPSC 689-606: User Interfaces for Information Visualization
Fall 2004

Term Project Specification

Proposal due: Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Project written report due Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Project presentations, in class Tuesday, November 30, 2004 through Tuesday, December 7, 2004.

As term project in this class you are to identify a problem related to the course and then design and prototype a solution. You have wide lattitude in selecting the problem to be solved--it should be related to the course's content, of course. The project may be a group project or an individual project. Note that the problem to be solved by a larger group should be correspondingly larger than that proposed by an individual. All team members will receive the same grade on the assignment.

The term project most likely will fall into one of three broad categories, although you should feel free to propose something else if it appeals to you more:

  1. Visualization of a reasonably-sized data set or other computer-based artifact--in other words a visualization instance.
  2. Prototype of a tool useful for application to a range of visualizations--in other words an example of a visualization's infrastructure.
  3. Demonstration of the application of a visualization within a the context of a particular work task.


A written proposal should be turned in for feedback. The proposal should describe:

Project report

The project report (written) is to be an overall presentation of the problem, the design, the prototype, the respective evaluations, and a discussion of lessons learned. Think of this as the "archival" record of your project. A report organization like that of a research paper is most likely to be the most reasonable form for this report.

Project presentations

Oral project presentations/demonstrations will be scheduled in-class. Signups for time slots will be available later in the semester.