Handout 4: 8/31/04

User Interfaces for Information Visualization
CPSC 689-606

Assignment 1

Due Tuesday, September 21, 2004

You may do this assignment by yourself or you may team with at most one other person.

Identify and describe an available data source that would provide raw material for a realistic visualization. The source should be of sufficient size to support an interesting visualization. Each "team" (individual or pair) should select a different data source. Use the class period on 9/14/04 to coordinate among teams and, if you have located extra resources, to share the extras with teams that have not been able to locate resources.

Prepare a writeup to be turned in on 9/21/04 that answers at least the following questions:

In addition, prepare one PowerPoint slide summarizing this information. We will go through these slides in class on 9/21/04. Put the slide on a Web page so it can be accessed quickly in class.

An identified data source can serve as a resource for your term project.