CPSC 689-606--Fall 2006--Schedule

Subject to change!
Tuesday, 8/29/06
	Handouts: 1 (syllabus), 2 (assignment 0), 3 (term project),
		4 (topic summary/presentation); 5 (research proposal)
Thursday, 8/31/06
	Susan Hockey,
		"The History of Humanities Computing,"
		A Companion to Digital Humanities, pp. 3-19.
	John Unsworth,
		"What is Humanities Computing and What is Not?"
		also at

Tuesday, 9/5/06
	Assignment 0 due
	Espen Aarseth,
		"The Field of Humanistic Informatics and its Relation to the Humanities,"
		Later version
	Tito Orlandi Is Humanities Computing a Discipline? (2002)
		mirrored at http://digitalhumanities.org/view/Essays/TitiOrlandiHumanitiesComputingDiscipline
Thursday, 9/7/06
	Greg Crane,
		"Classics and the Computer: An End of the History,"
		A Companion to Digital Humanities, pp. 46-55.
	Gregory Crane,
		"The Perseus Project and Beyond,"
	Gregory Crane, Clifford E. Wulfman, Lisa M. Cerrato, Anne Mahoney,
		Thomas L. Milbank, David Mimno, Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox, David
		A. Smith, and Christopher York. Towards a cultural heritage
		digital library. In Proceedings of the 3rd ACM/IEEE-CS Joint
		Conference on Digital Libraries, JCDL 2003, pages 75-86,
		Houston, TX, June 2003.
		Copy at 

Tuesday, 9/12/06
	Discuss "state of the art" topics and make selections
	Papers by Johanna Drucker (discussion continues into next session)
	Speculative Computing
	Report to Intel
	Also explore
		in conjunction with the first two papers
Thursday, 9/14/06
	Papers continue from Tuesday
	Attend Johanna Drucker's HI lecture series talk, 4:00, Evans 204E
	Title: Visualizing Information
Tuesday, 9/19/06
	Demos: Carlos, Jie, Neal
Thursday, 9/21/06
	Demos: Carlos, Jie, Neal
Tuesday, 9/26/06
	Term project proposal due
	C.M. Sperberg-McQueen,
		"Classification and its Structures,"
		A Companion to Digital Humanities, pp. 161-176.
	Allen H. Renear,
		"Text Encoding,"
		A Companion to Digital Humanities, pp. 218-239.
	Jerome McGann,
		"Marking Texts of Many Dimensions,"
		A Companion to Digital Humanities, pp. 198-217

Thursday, 9/28/06
	Jerome McGann,
		"The Rationale of HyperText,"
	Jerome McGann,
		"Rethinking Textuality,"

Tuesday, 10/3/06
	Martha Nell Smith,
		"Electronic Scholarly Editing,"
		A Companion to Digital Humanities, pp. 306-322.
	Peter Robinson
		"Where we are with electronic scholarly editions, and
		where we want to be."  2004.
		copy also at http://digitalhumanities.org/view/Essays/PeterRobinsonWhereWe

Thursday, 10/5/06
	Hugh Craig,
		"Stylistic Analysis and Authorship Studies,"
		A Companion to Digital Humanities, pp. 273-288.
	John Burrows,
		"Textual Analysis,"
		A Companion to Digital Humanities, pp. 323-347.

Tuesday, 10/10/06
	Discuss term projects

Thursday, 10/12/06
	Nancy Ide,
		"Preparation and Analysis of Linguistic Corpora,"
		A Companion to Digital Humanities, pp. 289-305.
	John Bradley,
		"Text Tools,"
		A Companion to Digital Humanities, pp. 505-522.

Tuesday, 10/17/06
	Ian Lancashire,
		"Cognitive Stylistics and the Literary Imagination,"
		A Companion to Digital Humanities, pp. 397-414.
	Marie-Laure Ryan,
		"Multivariant Narratives,"
		A Companion to Digital Humanities, pp. 415-430
Thursday, 10/19/06
	Attend Digital Textual Studies symposium, 10/19 evening through 10/21
Tuesday, 10/24/06
	Joint meeting with ENGL 689-600, Special Topics in Digital Editing
	12:45-3:45, location: 115 Blocker
	They will be reading:
	Kenneth M. Price,
		"Dollars and Sense in Collaborative Digital Scholarship:
		The Example of the Walt Whitman Hypertext Archive" (2001).
		www.whitmanarchive.org/introduction > articles and interviews
	Care, Mary;  David Green:
		"Rights and Permissions in an Electronic
		Edition."  Electronic Textual Editing.
	Kirschenbaum, Matthew G.
		"Editing the Interface: Textual Studies and First
		Generation Electronic Objects."
		Text: An Interdisciplinary Annual of
		Textual Studies (TEXTiats) 2002; 14: 15-51.
		Electronic reserve.
	Robinson,  Peter.
		"Current issues in making digital editions of medieval
		texts-or, do electronic scholarly editions have a future?"
		Digital Medievalist 1.1 (Spring 2005),  at

Thursday, 10/26/06
	No class (Tuesday's session was double-length)
Tuesday, 10/31/06
	"State of the art" papers due
	"State of the art" topic presentations
Thursday, 11/2/06
	"State of the art" topic presentations
Tuesday, 11/7/06
	No class, attend tomorrow's HI lecture
Wednesday, 11/8/06
	Attend Douglas Greenberg's HI lecture series talk, 4:00, Evans 204E
Thursday, 11/9/06
	Finish up "state of the art" topic presentations
	Discuss yesterday's talk
Tuesday, 11/14/06
	Note: the Digital Humanities 2006 proceedings are here
	Selected readings are extracted here
		(the filename includes the paper's page numbers)
	John Lavagnino, When not to use TEI
	Claire Carlin, Eric Haswell, and Martin Holmes.
		Problems with Marriage: Annotating Seventeenth-Century French
		Engravings with TXI and SVG.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 39-42
	Claus Huitfeldt, Michael Sperberg-McQueen, David Dubin, and
		Lars G. Johnsen.
		Markup Languages for Complex Documents--an Interim Project
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 93-97.
	Dorothy Porter, William Du Casse, Jerzy W. Jaromczyk, Neal Moore,
		Ross Scaife, and Jack Mitchell.
		Creating CTS Collections.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 269-274.

Thursday, 11/16/06
	Matthew Kirschenbaum (organizer)
		The NORA Project: Text Mining and Literary Interpretation.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 252-259.
	David L. Hoover.
		Stylometry, Chronology, and the Styles of Henry James.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 78-80.
	Tom Horton, Kristen Taylor, Bei Yu, and Xin Xiang.
		"Quite Right, Dear and Interesting": Seeking the Sentimental in
		Nineteenth Century American Fiction.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 81-82.
	Sobhan Hota, Shlomo Argamon, Moshe Koppel, and Iris Zigdon.
		Performing Gender: Automatic Stylistic Analysis of
		Shakespeare's Characters.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 82-88.
	Xian Hu, J. Stephen Downie, and M. Cameron Jones
		Criticism Mining: Text Mining Experiments on Book, Movie,
		and Music Reviews.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 88-93.

Tuesday, 11/21/06
	Julia Flanders (organizer)
		The Rhetoric of Performative Markup.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 248-251.
	G. Rockwell, S. Sinclair, and J. Chartrand.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 275-280.
	Paul Chase and Shlomo Argamon.
		Methods for Genre Analysis Applied to Formal Scientific
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 43-46.
	Oyvinde Eide.
		The Exhibition Problem.  A Real Life Example with a
			Sugggested Solution.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 58-61.

				Thanksgiving break, 11/23 and 11/24
Tuesday, 11/28/06
	Jonathan Furner, Martha Smith, and Megan Winget.
		Collaborative Indexing of Cultural Resources: Some
			Outstanding Issues.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 69-71.
	Matt Jensen.
		Semantic Timeline Tools for History and Criticism.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 97-100.
	Desmond Schmidt and Domenico Fiormonte.
		A Fresh Computational Approach to Textual Variation.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 193-196.
	Theodor G. Wyeld.
		The Three-Dimensionalisation of Giotto's 13th-Century Assisi
			Fresco: Exorcism of the Demons at Arezzo.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 231-233.
	Xin Xiang and John Unsworth.
		Connecting Text Mining and Natural Language Processing in a
			Humanistic Context.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 234-236.
	Bei Yu and John Unsworth.
		Toward Discovering Potential Data Mining Appliations in
			Literary Criticism.
		Digital Humanities 2006.
		pp. 237-239.
Thursday, 11/30/06
	Research proposal assignment due
	Term project presentations
Tuesday, 12/05/06
	Term project written report due
	Term project presentations

November 19, 2006