Handout 7: 2/20/11

CPSC 675-600: Digital Libraries, Spring 2011

Assignment 1: Digital Library Systems Reports

Reports begin on Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The class has been divided into four teams and assignments of one of the following four systems has been made to each of the teams:

  1. Greenstone
  2. Omeka
  3. DSpace
  4. EPrints

Each team will prepare a 20 to 30 minute report to be presented in class. The report should give an introduction to the assigned system and show examples of its use. The report should explain the features, strengths, and weaknesses of the system from the viewpoint of the provider of the information, the user of the information, and the installer\slash maintainer of the installation. Suitability for particular types of installations (e.g., media types, size, etc.) should be assessed.

Assessment of the presentation will be based on the quality of the information provided, its completeness, including discovery\slash use of resources and examples, and on its effective use of time.

Richard Furuta
February 20, 2011