Handout 5: 1/18/06

CPSC 671-600: Research paper summaries

1 due on 2/6/06, 2 due on 3/6/06, 2 due on 4/10/06

The assignment is to prepare paper summaries on full papers from recent CHI-related ACM conferences. You may assume that any full paper appearing in CHI or UIST qualifies. Ask if you have questions about the appropriateness of papers from similar conferences (e.g., CSCW, HT, DL...). "Recent" means conferences within the past 5 years. Paper selected should not be on the course reading list at the time of selection.

Each summary should provide (1) complete citation information about the paper, (2) a summary of the key points and take-home lessons provided by the chosen paper, (3) an analysis of the paper's strong and weak points, and (4) discussion of related or subsequent work that the paper suggests (i.e., on this last point, another way of putting this is what could a researcher do next given these results). Do not simply echo the paper but instead provide a synthesis of the ideas and results found in it.

Include a copy of the paper. Turn in a printed copy of your summaries and don't forget to put a copy on your Web page. Place your email address on all assignments.