Handout 6: 8/30/05

Computer-Human Interaction
CPSC 436-500

Assignment 3

Due Thursday, November 3, 2005

This is a group project, to be carried out by a self-formed group of 3 students. The basic project will be to give the design for a book reading system. Your group should decide if the book is physical, virtual (i.e., digital), or a combination. In all cases, you need to mockup the design for the "controller"--i.e., the part of the system that allows you to browse the book and to find specific contents within the book. The controller can be a physical control or it can be a computer interface. In either case you need to provide a prototype that illustrates how its functionality would be controlled. If the book is physical or includes physical components, include those components in the design, although you don't have to provide a prototype. Similarly if you use a combination of physical and virtual, you need to explain this in the design. You can assume that your system knows the details about the book--how many pages, what chapters are in the book, which page the chapter begins on, etc. Note that with virtual presentations, one question is the degree of realism that you will include in the book's representation--e.g., do pages "turn", etc.

Your group should turn in a written report that:

  1. Describes the assumptions you are making in conjunction with your design. For example, who will be using the system? What kinds of tasks will they be carrying out? Where will they be using the system?
  2. Analyzes the design decisions that needed to be addressed in meeting the environmental requirements established by the assumptions.
  3. Presents your design.
  4. Explains the rationale behind the design decisions.
  5. Includes a short (about one page) use scenario.
A copy of the report should be on your Web page.

In addition, prepare a short presentation of the design (5 minute limit) to show to the class (Web-accessible to speed up loading).