Handout 2: 1/18/06

Computer-Human Interaction
CPSC 436-500

Short In-Class Presentations

Sign up for presentation dates on Monday, January 23, 2006

There will be two kinds of presentations: chapter resource presentations and short paper supplemental reading presentations. Each student will sign up for one of each. Each presentation should be under 5 minutes in length.

Don't sign up for slots for both of these presentations on the same day.

Everyone in the class (not just the presenters) should read the chapter and papers before coming to class and should be prepared to discuss them.

Resource: Chapter resource presentations:

Each presenter will be responsible for hunting down and gathering external resources of a person, place, or project that deals with the topics discussed in the chapter. If there is more than one presentation for a particular chapter, the presenters should coordinate between themselves so that they don't pick the same topic. Topics shouldn't be repeated from earlier chapters nor should they just be picked up directly from the chapter. A pointer to the materials found should be included on your course Web page.

Additionally, send a link to your presentation materials to the email address chi-resources@csdl.tamu.edu. Include the chapter number in your message's header. This material will be made available off of the course's Web page so that others can review it.

Chapter resource presentation goals

The chapter resource presentations will be evaluated on the following points:

Reading: Supplemental reading presentation

These will be over short papers from the research literature--generally two to four pages in length. Papers will be assigned and will be announced on the course's Web. You will be responsible for briefly summarizing the paper (no more than 5 minutes). If you wish, you may use no more than 3 slides for your presentation. Provide a brief summary of the work. Try to find additional work or more Web resources about the project reported on. What is the current status of the project?

The materials you prepared for this presentation should be included in your course Web site.

On the papers, some of the key questions to consider are:

Supplement reading presentation goals

The supplemental reading presentations will be evaluated on the following points: