Welcome to the Walden's Path Project

The Internet shows promise of providing students with exposure to a wealth of new multimedia materials, especially through the extensive, encyclopedic materials available on the World-Wide Web. However, before such materials can be used in the classroom, they first must be tailored. Educators know best how to preform this type of tailoring: they have their own curricular goals, teaching styles, and understanding of community standards, and may best judge their students' reading level and range of interests. We are developing tools to enable and facilitate tailoring.

The visible products of this research efforts will be the Path Authoring Tool and the Path Server. The Path Authoring Tool enables the teacher to create, modify, validate, and reuse paths over the World-Wide Web and over paths that have been developed previously. The Path Server is the implementation means through which students use the paths. Design and refinement of the tools will be based on interactions with focus groups of primary and secondary school teacher in our area.

The Walden's Path Project is part of the Computer Aided Education and Training Initiative (CAETI).

Research is being conducted at the  Center for the Study of Digital Libraries, within the Department of Computer Science of Texas A&M University.

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