Monarchs of Pain Stage Race

November 2nd and 3rd 1996

Leonard Circuit Race(Saturday)
Silver Hills Circuit Race(Saturday)
OSR Road Race(Sunday)

Start Time/Length
Start Time/Length
Start Time/Length
Men's A
7:00am/2 hours
2:15pm/2 hours
9:00am/70 miles
Women's A
9:20am/1 hour
1:05pm/1 hour
12:35am/42 miles
Men's B
9:15am/1 hour
1:00pm/1 hour
9:05am/56 miles
Women's B
8:00am/30 mins.
12:05pm/30 mins.
12:40am/28 miles
Men's C
7:05am/45 mins.
12:00pm/45 mins.
12:30am/42 miles

Enter fee: $22.00

Registration: Friday night registration will take place at DoubleDave's on University Dr. across from the northwest corner of A&M. Registration will open at 7:00pm and close at 9:30pm.

At registration you will receive a race bible with directions and rules for the stage race.

There will be no registration on Saturday. All riders must have school IDs or proof of enrollment.

Rules: The overall results, will be based on time.

All riders must wear an ANSI or Snell approved helmet while on the bike from the opening of registration until the last prize is awarded.

For More Information:

Brent Davis (409)693-4134
Mike Martin (409)691-0135
Donald Brenner (409)846-6713

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