Bicycle Frisbee Object: To throw and catch a frisbee while riding a bicycle in such a was as to score points. How to Start: The game is started by flipping a coin or the frisbee to determine the receiving and hurling team. The hurling team decides which end to start from. The two teams go to opposite ends of the field. The hurling team hurls or rolls the frisbee so that it travels at lest 30 feet away. The receiving team then mustpick up the frisbee. If the receiving team makes two touches of the frisbee without actually picking it up the hurling team can then try and attain possesion. Their are two endzones on either side of the field. These endzones are marked with the flags provided. They should be at least 40 yards apart, but not more than 70 yards. the width of the field should be the same as a football field, about 40 yards. The flags should be set to mark the endzones. The endzones should sit in the middle of the goalline and be approximately half as wide as the field. If the field is 40 yards wide teh endzone should be 20 yards wide. The depth of the endzone should be 15 yards. How to Score Points: To score a point in the game of bicycle frisbee you must accomplish four things in order. First, you or one of your teammates must assume control of the frisbee. This is done by either picking the frisbee up off the ground without touching the ground with you feet, of by catching a pass thrown by the other team. You may also steal the frisbee by grabbing it out of another player's hand, but you may not physically touch the other person or their bike. Once you have possesion of the frisbee the second task to perform is to throw the firsbee to a teammate. When he or she catches it they must throw it to another teammate other than the person who it first. Once three passes are complete it is time to score. Everyone is eligable to catch the pass in the endzone. If the other team intercepts your pass in the endzone they will score a point just as your team will score a point if one of your teammates catches it. If the frisbee is dropped at any time during the series you must start over with your pickup, three throws, and one endzone pass to score. Handoffs are allowed as well as short passes. However these will not count as one of your throws. In order for a thrown for a throw to count it must be approximately two bike lenghts long. If the other team feels that your pass is short they shold yell short and the throw must be redone. If a foul occurs such as grabbing or holding another rider's bike or body a penalty should be assesed. It is the duty of the team upon which the penalty happened to call it. This is done by shouting "foul". If this occurs possession of the frisbee must go to the other team. If the foul is committed by the defensive team, then they must give the possesion back to the other team when they recover. If at anytime a foot is put on the ground while you have the frisbee, the frisbee must be immediately dropped where the violation occured, preferably right where your foot hit the ground. If this is not done or an attempt to throw the disc to a teammate occurs a penalty will be assesed as aforementioned. If a pass is not attampted within one minute after receiving the frisbee a time penalty may be called by the opposing team. If this ocurs possesion must change immediatly. To change possesion the frisbee must be dropped and the other team has two chances to pick up the disc. It they touch the disc twice without picking it up it is then open for either team.