Past History: (From Rick Denney)

This is the Aggieland photo of the A&M Cycling Team of 1979. We were proudly displaying our new team jerseys, which we had specially ordered from Emily K. Though some racers had one-of-a-kind jerseys with A&M logos on them before 1979, we were the first to have uniform jerseys, and we were the first to appear in The names of two members I cant dredge up.

From left: Mike Fulfer (Houston), John Simmons (Houston), Malcolm Bredemeyer (Winters), Myron Gerhard (San Antonio), Darrell Edwards (Houston), unknown (but I remember he was from Dallas), Gene Kraft (Houston), John Young (Houston), Laurie Sanders (San Antonio), unknown, Rick Denney (Houston).

Not in the picture was our father figure, even though he was only a couple of years older: Hans Schneider. Hans had raced in Belgium, and was seriously fast. He now makes some of the nicest steel frames of any Texas builder. Hans lived and rode in College Station, and was a regular member of the crowd, but didnt race for A&M.

A photo from a race (Austin?) where Gene Kraft lost by a half-inch to another rider who could do a well-timed bike throw. I believe this was a Cat III race. Notice the leather hairnets, which some riders covered with cycling caps. I see two hard helmets in the race, but none of us would have been caught wearing them. Even in this old photo, Genes all Campagnolo Nuovo Record-equipped Colnago.

The first three-event stage race held at Texas A&M was the Aggieland Stage Race of 1979. Previously, the event was a criterium only. The Aggieland Stage Race including three categories, which prizes awarded in six classes.

Cat IV racers were considered a hazard, and they were kept to their own pack. Their road race was about 25 miles. Cat I-III shared the Open category, and they raced 50 miles in the road race. Then the women (both of them), vets (one age group: 35+), and juniors shared a 25-mile road race. The road race was held on Saturday morning northeast of town near Highway 30 on the way to Huntsville. The time trial was held Sunday morning on FM 50 near Snook, and was a regulation 25-mile time-trial course for all racers. The criterium was held around the MSC Drill Field and the area of land that includes Law and Puryear dorms and the Chapel. The crit was 20 laps for all categories except the open, which was 40 laps.

The photo in the poster was a line-reduced image of David Champlin rounding a corner in the Aggieland Criterium of 1978. Of course, he is unrecognizable, which some would maintain is a good thing. The photo won the MSC Camera Committee Spring Photo Contest in the sports photography category. We were amazed that a fringe-sport photo could beat out pictures of Ed Simonini and Ray Does anybody on the current cycling team remember Schlitz Beer? It was the precursor to the also-defunct Strohs, and was the preferred swill of the A&M....

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