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Donald Brenner's Home Page

Masters Student
Center for the Study of Digital Libraries
Department of Computer Science
Texas A&M University

e-mail: dbrenner@bush.cs.tamu.edu

Home address:
4441 Old College Rd. #9104
Bryan, TX 77801


That's me in Reno before the Collegiate National Criterium!

The Real World

I am currently working on the Walden's Path Project.

Academic interests include: Computer-Human Interaction , Computer-Supported Collaborative Work , User Interface Design , HyperText/Hypermedia Systems(HTML/HTTP, and CGI_BIN) , and Software Engineering.

My Resume.

Think About This

"If you don't believe that new technology can be used in ways that hinder users, then please consider the proportion of WWW pages that have used the ability to set a background texture pattern in Netscape 1.1 in ways that have
From: Jakob Nielsen, SunSoft Distinguished Engineer
History has a Lesson for HotJava

Be careful when using backgrounds!

The Fun World

Cycling Related WWW Pages

Marco Pantani a true climber.
(What an awesome TDF stage(1994)!)

The Internet World

Donald A. Brenner, Jr.
Address: 4441 Old College Road, #9104
Phone: (409)846-6713 (home), 845-4924 (work)
e-mail: dbrenner@bush.cs.tamu.edu
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Note: Always under construction and developed for Netscape Navigator version 1.12. (Are all Web pages always under construction?)

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