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Walden's Path Project Home Page.
Caeti path_Server --- WALDEN-WALDEN path_server area
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Teacher evaluation tool
Path student retracer....

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Yahoo --- My Yahoo! news summary for dabJR --- Alta Vista Search

Cycling Updates....
Yahoo's Cycling News Server --- Fantasy Cycling League 1997
Tafi, Andrea - Zanini, Stefano - Leblanc, Luc - Ullrich, Jan - Luttenberger, Peter - Merckx, Axel - Jeker, Fanbian - Andreu, Frankie - Julich, Bobby

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Quote.Com Porfolio Page --- StockMaster

Internet Games....
Rogue ->Player Portfolio --- The Hollywood Stock Exchange

Cycling Related WWW Pages

Team's Home Page
Team Roster
Cycling Links
Race Schedule
NCCA Information
IBIS Ti Road Frame
Bike Bob's page
VeloNews - This Just In

CSDL TAMU Dept. CS Texas A&M Univ

The Internet World


My path_server area.....
path_server 2222222 area.....
new311 PATH_SERVER (Working version same as caeti path server)...

The Tour....

World media's Page
Outside's Tour Page
Le Tour 96's page
Winnging Tour Photos

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