What Is Ftpmail?

For the users, Ftpmail is a utility that lets them do FTP session using e-mail.

Ftpmail server itself (by running dq.pl) still uses FTP login session.

How Does It Work?

It reads the emails for commands, connects to the specified (open) FTP site, runs the commands for the users, and mails the results back to the users ( reply-to).

Who Needs It?

People who have email-only Internet access can definitely benefit from it. However, it can be used anytime you need to run an FTP session. It deals with the Internet for you as long as you are familiar with the FTP site (you have to enclose the exact path to get the files you want, however ...).

Why Do We Provide Ftpmail Service?

Aparently, we want to serve those of you who have only poor Internet access. There is a list of Ftpmail sites that are available to the public. However, the well-known sites are too busy to process all the requests at once. (You can dedicate a Ftpmail server just for your archives. You can also limit the usage of your ftpmail service only to specific users or FTP sites.)

Where To Get Ftpmail?


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