It's Quick-Time! You will be walking on the campus under beautiful, bright and HOT Texas sunlight, so don't get worried by above image.

This tour consists 15 single- node QutickTime VR moovies anlong with brife descriptions about each node. You can also view information about the buildings, department info, etc. that are associated with each node. The size of each node is around 230k. A multi-node movie is also provided (~3.2MB).

If you have fast network access and a big screen (>17") , we strongly recommend that you take the QuickTime VR Tour with higher resolution moovies (~700k each node) and our campus map. Of course, a 14" monitor will still works fine with a few extra click.

The QTVR Tour


Multi-node QTVR Movie


High resolution, map assisted tour


You will need a web browser that supports forms and with Apple's QuickTime VR™ .