Texas A&M Campus Tour

Campus Map

Multi-node QTVR

Starting Point

We start our tour right in front of the Administration Building.

First Stop

See the interior of the Administration Building.

Second Stop

Now we are standing in the center of the grass field surrounding by Eller Oceanography and Meteorology Building, Langford Architecture Building, Administration Building, Scoates Hall, Agriculture Building and Animal Industrial Building. Beautiful, ha! What's our next stop?

Third Stop

We are now in front of Anthropology Building. From here you can see Evans Library and Agriculture Building.

Fourth Stop

From the library we turn north and visit Bright Building and Chemistry Building East Wing.

Fifth Stop

Walking down the Spence Street toward the University Dr., we stop at the corner of Engineering/Physics Building and the Cyclotron Institute.. Across the Spence Street are the Civil Engineering/TTI Building and Zachry Engineering Center.

Sixth Stop

See the huge inside of Zachry Engineering Center

Seventh Stop

Behind the Engineering/Physics Building is Halbouty Geosciences Building. We can see Blocker Building at this stop. We then come back to the corner of the library. Our next stop is the main entrance of the Chemistry Building.

Eighth Stop

We are now at the corner of the main entrance of Chemistry Building and Harrington Educational Center (Classroom).

Ninth Stop

Walk towards west, we are in front of the Academic Building.

Tenth Stop

From the Academic Building to the south, the Rudder Theater Complex/Rudder Tower and the Memorial Student Center (MSC) are in our sight. Here we can also see the Simpson Drill Field.

Eleventh Stop

Step into the Simpson Drill Field and have a great view. From here, you can see the Albritton Tower.

Twelfth Stop

We then enter the Beautiful Flag Room in MSC

Thirteenth Stop

Out from the south-side door of MSC , we are at the main gate of the Kyle Field

Final Stop

Oops, we are not allowed to step on the expensive nature grass field. But we still get a great view from a corner of the Kyle Field