What's in this tour?

Welcome! The Texas A&M Campus Tour features the latest and coolest web technologies, Apple QuickTime VR™ (QTVR) and Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), that we think will give you a fantastic virtual tour on our beautiful campus in cyberspace. We have included 15 single-node QTVR movies which will bring you to some of the most beautiful places on our campus. You can also take a walk in our multi-node QTVR movie.

You are also invited to visit our main campus in virtual 3-D space with our VRML world. The VRML world of our campus consists more that 120 buildings. You can aquire the name of each building by simply point your mouse curser to the building you want to look at and some of the buildings also have links to homepages of colleges and departments located in those buildings.

What if you don't have QuickTime VR and VRML player/browser? You still can take the tour with our "pure" HTML based tour (with a lot less fun compare to QTVR and VRML tour). We strongly recomended you visite the links at the end of this page to get them!

Special notions

Look out for this sign when you are navigating in the VRML world! By clicking it will bring you a QTVR node as if you are standing there to take a more realistic look at the location.



Tools and system recomended for the tour

A pentium system with at least 16 MB of RAM is recomended for taking the QTVR and VRML tour.

You will need a browser that supports forms (such as Netscape Navigator 3.0) to view some parts of the tour. QuickTime VR player can be obtained from Apple's web site. If you already have Netscape 3.0 installed, you already have Netscape Live 3D ready to view our VRML world. Other VRML browsers such as SGI's Cosmo Player will also work. Even though we did not use any Live 3D extensions, our VRML world is best viewd with Live 3D.