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As we May Think
Making Metadata: A Study of Metadata Creation and Use in a Mixed Physical-Digital Collection Towards a Digital Library of Popular Music
Effects of Annotations on Student Writers
Building a Hypertextual Digital Library in the Humanities: A Case Study on London
Collection Synthesis
Drudgery and deep thought
Principles for digital library development
The Cervantes Project: Steps to a Customizable and Interlinked On-line Electronic Variorum Edition Supporting Scholarship
Visualization of Variants in Textual Collations to Analyze the Evolution of Literary Works in The Cervantes Project
Guided Paths through Web-Based Collections: Design, Experiences, and Adaptations
Managing Change on the Web
Perception of Content, Structure, and Presentation Changes in Web-based Hypertext
Digital Collections, Digital Libraries and the Digitization of Cultural Heritage Information
What is a 'Document'?
Going digital: a look at assumptions underlying digital libraries
Annotation: from paper books to the digital library
Toward an ecology of hypertext annotation
On the Characteristics of Scholarly Annotations
Digital library information appliances
Introducing a digital library reading appliance into a reading group
Live from the stacks: user feedback on mobile computers and wireless tools for library patrons
The travails of visually impaired web travelers
Interactive audio documents
Designing a children's digital library with and for children
Cross-cultural usability of the library metaphor
Chabot: Retrieval from a Relational Database of Images
Digital access to antiquities
Time as essence for photo browsing through personal digital libraries
Compus: visualization and analysis of structured documents for understanding social life in the 16th century
Primarily history: Historians and the search for primary source materials
Cultural Heritage Digital Libraries: Needs and Components
Content + connectivity = community: digital resources for a learning community
Middle school children's use of the ARTEMIS digital library
Partnership reviewing: a cooperative approach for peer review of complex educational resources
Core services in the architecture of the national science digital library (NSDL)
Creating virtual collections in digital libraries: benefits and implementation issues
Ontology services for curriculum development in NSDL
Interactive digital library resource information system: a web portal for digital library education
Heroic measures: reflections on the possibility and purpose of digital preservation
Long term preservation of digital information
A methodology and system for preserving digital data
Browsing the structure of multimedia stories
Visualizing digital library search results with categorical and hierarchical axes
Does zooming improve image browsing?
CiteSeer: an automatic citation indexing system
A system for automatic personalized tracking of scientific literature on the Web
How dynamic is the web?
Making digital libraries go: comparing use across genres
Genres and the Web: Is the personal home page the first uniquely digital genre?
An integrated reading and editing environment for scholarly research on literary works and their handwritten sources
A digital library of conversational expressions: helping profoundly disabled users communicate
Enhancing the ENVISION interface for digital libraries
A wearable digital library of personal conversations
Collaboraive visual interfaces to digital libraries
Binding browsing and reading activities in a 3D digital library
An ethnographic study of technical support workers: why we didn't build a tech support digital library
The psychology of multimedia databases
The multivalent browser: a platform for new ideas
Detecting events with date and place information in unstructured text
A multi-view intelligent editor for digital video libraries
Using the Gamera framework for the recognition of cultural heritage materials
Age-old practices in the 'new world': a study of gift-giving between teenage mobile phone users