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Creating an Account You can create an account on our server by going to the link at the bottom of the page entitled, "Create a New Account." You will need to provide us with your full name and a valid email address. Your name is used to identify any paths that you make publically available. Your email address will not be shared with anyone or displayed to visitors to the site. We will rely upon that address to send you your initial site password and to inform you infrequently of any important changes that will affect your Walden's Paths experience.

Once you've created an account by filling in that form, check your email for your initial password and use it to log into the site. Once you've logged in, you can write paths online, download and delete paths, and view the public/private status of any paths you've created.

Any paths you write will initially be private only to you. You can browse your paths (and traverse them) from your personal path management page. If you want to share the location of a private path with friends, students, or colleagues you can simply copy the location from the browser into an email. On the other hand if you want to make your path visible to any visitors to the main Walden's Paths server, you can request that it be made public. That request will be passed to the site administrators who will ensure that your path works properly and make it public after a short delay.

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