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The Walden's Paths PathServer

The Walden's Paths PathServer is an add-on to your existing web server that creates an installation of Walden's Paths for your own use. You can then modify the look and feel, change the language, underlying HTML, or almost any aspect of the Walden's Paths browsing experience. Currently available in alpha (i.e. prototype) version, we recommend new users utilize our test server by clicking on the following link:

The PathServer can be installed on any Java Servlets capable web server (it's been tested most heavily with the Apache Project's Tomcat server). Installation requires the execution of scripts that require Linux or another Unix operating system, although if you are interested in installation under Windows please contact us through the link at the bottom of the page. (Testing is underway to produce a Windows version of the PathServer software.)

You can download the source of the most recent alpha version of this software by clicking on the following link:

An earlier CGI-based version of the software is also available for testing, you can download this version by clicking on the following link:

CSDL Comments to walden@csdl.tamu.edu
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Last modified on: November 13, 2002